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Inner and outer beauty
Siena D.: “We make shoes with character. Stylish, understated and elegant, with a distinctly feminine and relaxed look and feel. Siena D. stands for inner and outer beauty, nourished by a passion for craftsmanship, outstanding quality and durability.”

Stylish. Fashionable. Inspiring. Up-to-date. That’s Siena D., the ideal shoe brand for the woman of today. Siena D. takes a fresh and intelligent look at current trends and transforms them into timeless nonchalance and elegance for every foot. From deceptively simple sandals to classic boots and sexy pumps. Siena D. designs accentuate your personality and bring out the very best in every outfit.

Siena D.’s signature is both trendy and feminine. The designs are a perfect marriage of quality and comfort –  because only the finest leathers and the most comfortable fit are good enough for Siena D. No blisters, pinching or chafing, just passion and pride in an affordable shoe that takes you wherever you want to go. Welcome Siena D. into your shoe cupboard this year. Feel the love. 
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